boardpackager faqs

How to get BoardPackager?

Click here to be taken to BoardPackager’s portal where you can search for your building

Why choose BoardPackager?

As part of Halstead Management’s continued commitment to deliver the highest level of service to our buildings, we have retained to help streamline and accelerate the submission and review of purchase, lease, and loan applications.

How does BoardPackager manage applications?

Applications which require Board review are accessible through a hyperlink sent to you by email which will direct you to a secure, user-friendly interface viewable on your desktop, laptop, and portable devices.

What are the top benefits of using BoardPackager?

The BoardPackager portal helps to accelerate the application process. Attorneys and lenders can obtain immediate access to due diligence documents, such as audited financial statements, offering plans and standard questionnaire information. The system also tracks, monitors and reports the status of each submission to you and your transfer agent.