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Tax Abatement

How to get to BoardPackager?

Click here to be taken to BoardPackager’s portal where you can search for your building.

Why choose BoardPackager?

As part of Halstead Management’s continued commitment to deliver the highest level of service to our buildings, we have retained BoardPackager.com to help streamline and accelerate the submission and review of purchase, lease, and loan applications.

How does BoardPackager manage applications?

Applications which require Board review are accessible through a hyperlink sent to you by email which will direct you to a secure, user-friendly interface viewable on your desktop, laptop, and portable devices.

What are the top benefits of using BoardPackager?

The BoardPackager portal helps to accelerate the application process. Attorneys and lenders can obtain immediate access to due diligence documents, such as audited financial statements, offering plans and standard questionnaire information. The system also tracks, monitors, and reports the status of each submission to you and your transfer agent.

Annual Bed Bug Report

Here is the latest information regarding NYC's Annual Bed Bug filing requirements.

Conflict of Interest Law

Here is the current NYS legislation regarding Conflict of Interest Law – NY Business Corporation Law, Section 727.

Multiple Dwelling Registration

Here is the latest information from NYC about the registration of a Multiple Dwelling Building.

NYC Coop and Condo Smoking Policy Requirement

Here is the latest information regarding Smoking Policy Requirements for both Condominiums and Cooperative properties.  

Window Guards

Here is the latest information regarding NYC's window guard requirements.

Why do I need to provide insurance for day-to-day work?:

A certificate of insurance (COI) is a document from an insurer that shows the coverage a company has, including their policy numbers, effective dates, and policy limits. Most condominiums and cooperatives in New York City require a certificate of insurance from any company coming into the building to do work, no matter how big or small. A COI is a necessary precaution to help protect both the homeowner and the building against liability should there be an accident during the course of work.

How can I get a copy of the building’s master insurance for my mortgage lender?

When you are purchasing or refinancing an apartment in a condominium or cooperative, your mortgage lender will likely require proof of insurance from the building, or the master policy. If your lender is requesting proof of insurance for your building, please have them complete the following form.

Do I need homeowners' insurance, and what coverage do I need?

The building will have insurance that typically covers the structure itself as well as the common areas. However, this insurance usually will not cover the inside of your apartment. If you own an apartment in a condominium or cooperative, your building likely has specific requirements for the type of insurance you are required to keep for your apartment. Check your Offering Plan or your House Rules for the policies and policy limits that your building requires.

How can I make online payments for my monthly charges?

Halstead is pleased to partner with ClickPay to offer you more options for paying your monthly charges. You can enroll in this program by clicking here to make your payment online.

ClickPay offers many features to make your bill paying experience fast and easy, such as:

  • Make payments from your bank or credit card.
  • One-time payments can be made any time, and recurring payments can be setup based on your instructions.
  • Sign up for paperless billing and get your monthly statement via. You can also view, save or print your current month’s bill online.
  • Quickly and easily view your payment history online.
  • Manage your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You’ll need your Occupant ID available in order to set up your account. Your Occupant ID can be found on the top right corner of your monthly bill.


Who should I contact if I have questions on my account?

Any questions concerning your bill should be directed to the Accounts Receivable contact designated at the bottom of your monthly statement for “Billing Inquiries.”

Should you require any assistance with your ClickPay account, they can be reached at (800) 533-7901 or support@ClickPay.com.

How can I update my mailing address for my monthly statements?

Please send an email request by clicking here and submitting an Update Mailing Address request form.

We will need your name, building address, apartment number and updated mailing address in order to allow your designated Accounts Receivable contact to make the change.

What are the guidelines & Eligibility Requirements?

Owners of cooperative and condominium units can have their property taxes reduced if they meet the eligibility requirements as outlined by the New York City Department of Finance. To find out more information on the benefits and requirements, follow click on this link and this link.  It is always advised to speak with your accountant or attorney for your unique situation.

How can I remove the property tax abatement and other exemptions that I am currently receiving?

If there has been a change in your residency status and you no longer wish to claim your NYC Condo and Co-op Tax Abatement, please complete, and submit this form directly to the Department of Finance:

What is the Prevailing Wage Amendment and how does it impact my tax abatement?

The prevailing wage affidavit must be filed for properties that have 30 or more dwelling units and an average assessed unit value of more than $60,000, or that have less than 30 dwelling units and an average assessed unit value of more than $100,000. The prevailing wage affidavit certifies that all building service employees currently employed or to be employed at the property receive the applicable wage for the duration of the property’s tax abatement. Coops and Condos that decide not to file a prevailing wage affidavit for the upcoming tax year then forfeit the tax abatement.  Click here to read the full amendment.

What’s the fastest way for building vendors to request payments?

Vendors can send invoices electronically directly to Avid. Invoices should be emailed to APinvoicesNY@AvidBill.com and must follow the below criteria and:

  • Must be in PDF format, under 5MB;
  • One invoice per PDF;
  • Invoice must include the Property Name and Address;
  • Vendor name and remittance address.

What payment methods does Avid offer to vendors?

When vendors create an account with Avid, they may choose their preferred method of payment:

Virtual Credit Card (VCC) – the VCC is a single use, prefunded, MasterCard. The card is limited to the exact payment amount that is owed.
AvidPay Direct – If a vendor does not have a merchant account and is still receiving paper checks, this method allows funds to be delivered via direct deposit to the vendor's bank account.
Paper Checks – AvidXchange can also provide a paper check by mail.

Who should vendors contact with questions?

For invoice specific questions, please contact AcctsPay@TerraHoldings.com.

For questions regarding your Avid supplier profile and/or payment methods accepted by your company, please contact Supplier@AvidXChange.com.